Craniosacral Therapy in London, UK

Craniosacral support for those navigating difficult life journeys

Feeling overwhelmed by patterns of emotional or physical pain?

I specialise in supporting women who are navigating difficult life journeys. You may be going through divorce, experiencing grief, transitioning into motherhood or dealing with some other past trauma or abuse. These experiences may be showing up in your life as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, destructive thought patterns, chronic illness and pain, a deep dissatisfaction with life or a nagging feeling that something is missing. You are engaged in a process of change and healing but may feel very overwhelmed and alone with it all and definitely need the support of someone who absolutely believes in your own inherent potential for transformation.

Get the support you need and deserve

I take great joy in working with fabulous women at all stages of life, helping them to come into relationship with the healing potential of their bodies and find ways to release tensions, traumas and pains – both physical and emotional. Craniosacral therapy is the primary tool I use because it is the safest and most effective way to work with the source of pain and dysfunction – not just the symptoms.

There is a deep wisdom in the body that when nurtured, supported and listened to will instinctively move towards health. I can help you learn to listen to your inner wisdom.

What can craniosacral therapy do for you?

I became a craniosacral therapist because I witnessed first-hand the transformative effects this work can have. The greatest gift craniosacral therapy has given me is the ability to calm  the noisiness of my mind, find my centre and feel a profound sense of stillness and wholeness. This has had a knock-on effect of improved personal relationships, better resistance to colds and flu, improved asthma symptoms, better physical fitness, deeper sleep, improved energy levels, and virtually no back pain. Read more about my personal journey to becoming a craniosacral therapist here.

My clients report similar results:

  • A client with years of hormonal and fertility problems started having her periods again after only one session.
  • A pregnant client approaching her due date with a baby in the breech position came to me worried about the birth and possible interventions. During the treatment she felt she was able to connect with the baby and felt a deep release of tension and worry. A few days after the treatment the baby turned into an optimal position and the mother soon after had a natural birth with no complications.
  • A 4 year old girl suffering from ear infections since birth received three treatments and has not had another ear infection since. That was three years ago.
  • A client having difficulty accepting the death of her mother was able through our sessions to say goodbye and allow herself to grieve.
  • A client suffering from long-term debilitating depression says, “Every time I leave a session with you, I feel like I’ve found joy in life again. You can’t imagine what a change this is for me!”
  • I treated a 3 month old baby for reflux. Her mother was very worried because the baby was not gaining weight and she wanted to avoid further medical interventions. After one session the baby started gaining weight again and her reflux improved dramatically.
  • Another client diagnosed with M.E. was able to return to work after only five craniosacral sessions.
  • A mother of two young children says: “My life is so busy and stressful, these sessions are the only time I have to feel peace and switch everything off. This helps me to cope with everything.”
  • A client who had suffered with migraines for years after an abusive childhood reported after several sessions that the migraines were gone. Three years later they have never returned and she has made peace with her past trauma.

For an initial phone consultation contact me on +447919074331 to discuss how craniosacral therapy can help you.